Ébène by Pierrre Balmain

Launched 1983.  Creative, highly original and - unique: this is how I can describe the top notes, in which bergamot, spearmint and basil blend with a slightly fruity berry note, with artemisia providing added depth.


In the drydown cinnamon moves into the fore adding a pleasant spiciness that is never dark or harsh, with hints of rose and geranium adding subtle floral impressions.


In the last hours hints of a suede-like soft leather with smidgeons of soft amber and just a tiny whiff of a gentle moss round it off. Most interestingly, the top notes never lose their core rôle and remain present as the backbone of this delightful fragrance, like the theme of a musical variation in classical music, with the notes in the drydown and further development superimposed onto this constant ever-present central theme.


This beauty is extremely well blended of constituents of very fine quality, and projects very well with good sillage. And longevity is supreme at eleven hours.


One of Balmain's finest, a masterpiece. Its overall bright character makes it perfect for a sunny autumn day.  Discontinued.    4.25/5