Essence No. 1 : Rose

by Elie Saab


A rich and sweet rose blossom greets me, a medium-dark mix of the Bulgarian and the Damascene varieties, with an undertone of candy; the whole has a nigh liqueur-like character at times. 


The drydown sheds a bit of the candy,but some f it remains present, and the whole becomes very smooth, and develops a tad of a powdery characteristic.  The roses remain not only firmly dominant, but do not yield any territory any any other notes, floral or other.


I get moderate sillage, excellent projection,  and seven hours of longevity on my skin.  


A good spring scent that is all about roses.  I am not sire whether a composition of various roses can me correctly labelled a soliflore, but this is a "soli-rose" made from several different varieties of rose notes of a good quality.  Overall 3.25/5