The opening combines a distinct peach note with the gentle contrast to a coriander impression, enriched by a good lashing of a comparatively discreet aldehyde - less bright and less attention-seeking as in Chanel No.5. All these are mixing together to produce a delicious starter. 

The drydown is tuning up the floral volume: muguet with daffodil and carnation crest a powerful, but never too sweet, potpourri; when a rose impression announces the transition to the base notes, the additional richness of a vanilla with sandalwood is combined with a gentle musk, which is never harsh or faecaloid, but more on the soft side.  The base also develops  an increasingly powdery undertone with time. 

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and an astounding fifteen hours of longevity on my skin, with the last five hours being very close to my skin. 

This is a delicious scent for spring evenings, rich, smooth and velvety.  The quality of the ingredients is astounding, the aldehydes are incorporated is a manner that is discreet but effective, and the blending is superb.  A great floral aldehyde, sweet and soft.   4/5.