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The opening is herbal and warmly spicy, with a nutmeg bursting centre stage right from the start.   Pepper and clove contribute the spices, which are smooth and warm.  An unusual set of top notes, and not aimed to please the standard olfactory audience at first blast in the aisle of a department store.  

The drydown turns boozy, but is based on a few florals, mainly Grasse roses and geraniums.  Initially the geranium is more evident, but soon the rose is; it is a rich and sweet rose that emanates whiffs of a caramelised vanilla aroma at some stage.  The spicy components of the top notes linger on and counterbalance the floral sweetness quite nicely.  Later on, the spiciness becomes stronger again and assumes a dirty herbal undertone when the immortelle is gaining more prominence; is as a touch of waxiness attached to it at times.  

The arrival of the base is signaled by a woodsy undertone, cashmere wood maily with whiffs of cedar; this is paired with an Indonesian patchouli that os soft and quote dark.  The patchouli lacks any of raspiness or harshness  that can be found in some other patchouli compositions like, for instance, Tom Ford's Purple Patchouli.  

I get moderate sillage very good projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This autumnal scent opens up in quite an original way, and the drydown is rich and vivid, but the base is less creative in its structure and execution.   Still, overall a good fragrance that is not just a superficial crowd pleaser.  3.5/5