A aldehydic citrus blast with bergamot and lemon greets me right away, but is it nigh immediately by an earthy undertone due to a mix of olibanum, labdanum,  and soil tincture..


The drydown add some florals, a bit of jasmine possibly due to the presence of hedione, a somewhat nonspecific rose centering on the stems and leaves, and some ylang-ylang, the latter is slim and elegant, lacking the rich creaminess this floral evinces in other perfumes.


Soon the full earthy-mossy onslaught begins in serious, with a mossy note emerging that is rather  artificial on me.  This moist forest impression is enhanced by a civet note that is given further depth by a tangy castoreum.This edgy side is also promoted by a darker patchouli, but the latter is not very harsh- unlike in Tom Ford's Purple Patchouli. A general woody undertone - touches of sandal shining through occasionally - and a sweet touch base on a vanilla - rounding off this olfactory experience.


I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.


This autumnal scent deliver a good rendition of the mossy soil that is in the name.  The start and the subsequent hour contain the best moments, but they lack the depth and quality of the great representatives of the forest and soil genre, like, for instance, dunhill's benchmark Blend 30.  The other phases are a bit generic and not that exciting.  Overall 3/5