Saphir Shoe Care Products

Shoe Creams

This shoe cream in black is an excellent product, caring very well for my shoes, as do the colourless and the medium brown version.  Does not harden or degenerate easily.  4.75/5.

Graisse Madaille d'Or     Sole Cream/ Leather Fat

For caring for and maintaining the soles of leather shoes, and preventing them from cracking prematurely under the influence of rain and wear.  This is of the finest quality, and extended the longevity of my leather soles, compared with some of the other leather fats I used.   The only problems with it is that the  twist opening breaks quite easily.   4.75/5

Etalon Noir Leather/Saddle Soap

This is a leather and saddle soap that is superb in quality and effectiveness.  Even battered and dirty gloves of light colours could be cleaned quite well; never mind the typo.   One of the best of its kind we know.

The Saphir counter on the 4th Floor of the Daimaru department store in Fukuoka (Japan) April 2019.