La Nuit de L'Homme Le Parfum

Faithful to the scent pyramid, a synthetic anise is the dominating part of the opening blast, brightened up by a bergamot that is balanced against a dash of white pepper.

The emergence of a floral components starts in the drydown, with w medium-bodied lavender impression kicking it off. A neroli impression arises and stays quite dominant well into the the later stages, whilst a nonspecific fruitiness tilts the whole mix into the sweet realm. This sweetness is enforced by an ozonic hairspray note, which a galbanum, which transiently appears, cannot compete with in intensity and durability.

The base continues the sweet them, with a soft and light-filled patchouli teaming up with a vanilla note to ensure this remains a sweet affair.

I get moderate sillage,very good projection, and ten hour of longevity on my skin.

 Released in 2010, this is a scent for spring days that has some food moments, but is neither very original, nor convincing in the depiction of its components, but the performance is good. Distinctly petrochemial at times. 2.75/5