Independent Fragrance Reviews/Rater




The opening is dominated by a nice, and slightly sweet note of pipe tobacco, which, after a while, shifts to a slightly dirty and spicy character owing to the influx of some immortelle.  




A bit later the immortelle grows stronger, and a more animalic and civety background develops, combined with a leather impression.  The leather retains the sweet undertone, and expresses a suede like notion at times, but at other moments it is a more tangy leather.  The leather here reminds me of Helmut Lang's Cuiron it its brightness and levity; it is less austere and complex than Knize's Ten - at least than my older bottle of ten.   The tobacco is also never heavy, creamy or cloying; it is quite different from Tom Ford's heavy Tobacco Vanille, although it is also a sweet creation.  The sweetness becomes more honey-like in character with time, without expressing any specific style of honey on me.




At a later stage it all merges into a tobacco-suede-civet mix that is sweet and smooth, with add additional restrained musky touch really just constituting the final animalic icing on this olfactory cake.   Hints of dried grass come and go.  The honeyed tobacco-cum-suede melange peters out slowly towards the end.




I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and five hours of longevity in my skin. 




A pleasant leathery tobacco scent for autumn, which has original moments here and then with the skillful application of the immortelle, but some ingredients are a bit too generic towards the end.  Nevertheless, otherwise is quite nice, albeit a bit deja-vu.  It is hovering at the border between being neutral and good - maybe just a positive score by the skin of its teeth.    3/5