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RESTAURANT MIGUEL LAFFAN in the Intercontinental Hotel in Cascais/Estoril

The atmosphere was welcoming, light and airy.

The restaurant is at the sea shore in a very nice location.

The restaurant was clean and the linen pristine.

A menu was very good and displayed a creative touch. 

The presentation of the food was aesthetically beautiful, but this did not distract that it also tasted very well, fresh and was rich in flavour; the quality of the produce was impeccable.  The starters were a bit more creative than the main course; this is found quite often in restaurants.


A good selection of deserts was on offer.   The cheese plate offered four very-curated Portuguese cheeses.

The wine list in the main letdown, with no vintage years indicated and many wines were not available. The excuse was that they were just changing the wine list - an unconvincing excuse heard not infrequently.  Theoretically the was an adequate selection of Portuguese wines on the list; the rest of the world was practically nonexistent.


Still, they were trying to find something that is not on the list. 

The stemware was impeccable.


Overall this was a good experience.  Whilst there were a few a few issues, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the food excellent.  3.75/5