Independent Fragrance Rater/Reviews


by ORMANDE JAYNE Fragrances


Lemon, Sicilian lime, bergamot - and opening blast that appears fresh, but the sweeter whiffs of ripe oranges are still bright, but dampen the freshness a bit.  later on a herbal tome of clary sage develops in the background. 




The drydown reveals a lovely dyad of water lilies and orchids, which soon is joined by a discrete but pleasant Taif rose impression and results in a floral trio of distinction indeed.  backgrounds accompaniments of a green jasmine, and somewhat less impressive carnation and whiffs of muguet compliment this floral basket. 




The base turns woodsy in nonspecific manner, although some faux-sandalwood is evident at times.  anambrette seed becomes stronger with times, supported by pink peppers (shinus molle) and a very laboratory-chemical labdanum added prior to the end.  An unusually well mannered artificial oud is co-exiting concurrently with the other woodsy notes.




I get moderate silage, excellent projection, and  seven hours of longevity on my skin.




A creation for warmer spring days that has original moments and is quite complex, but some note are too generic and too synthetic; other are more convincing.  Overall - just a positive score based on the good first half particularly.  Released 2016. 3/5