Safety Razors

We do not review Cartridge Razors, as it is better to be able to adjust the angle, which Cartridge Razors don't really offer.  Cartridge Razors are useful for very tricky areas, for traveling and for quick emergency shaves.

Merkur Razors

Merkur a subsidiary of the independent DoVo Company in Solingen (Germany).

The Merkur Progress Safety Razor

A heavy, solidly-built safety razor with an adjustable head to adjust the blade position to regulate the aggressiveness and closeness of the shave.   It is solid and heavy.

Razor Blades

Merkur Blades

Merkur Super Platinum

These Merkur Super Platinum German-made double edge blades are manufactured very well.  Whilst sharp, of course, there not particularly sharp, but they they last very long and durable.  The snap in half easily for use in a Shavette.  

The plastic box containing the pack of razor had an ingeniously simple design to enable safe disposal through the back-side slit and to function like a blade bank too.