Independent Fragrance Rater/Reviews




A strong woody lavender starts off the opening blast; it has a slightly crisp undertone on me.  Soon the cannabis oil arrives, and it develops very convincingly on me.  Both result in a very interesting accord that is pleasant indeed.  




In the further drydown some florals make an appearance, with whiffs of a slightly herbal rose impression mixing with white narcissus for a while.  Ta main floral is, however, a light tuberose, which is neither dark nor waxy; quite unlike other specimens of this floral I encountered in the past.  Touches of a restrained neroli add brightness.




I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and six hours of longevity in my skin.




A very good lavender/cannabis rendering, quite herbal, a bit sweeter in the later stages and not without an original touch, although lacking development a bit in the second half.  Some of the florals lack vividness, but the two star performers are convincing.   Overall 3.25/5