E.COUDRAY Ambre Vanille

An orangey opening blast, freshened up with lashings of bergamot and made smoother and creamer by an ylang-ylang that is quite pleasant.  Soon a light amber arises that adds further depth. This combination of fresh and smooth sets the tone for most of the further development that I encountered in this case. 

In the heart notes the fresh side is represented by a citrus/heliotrope impression, with the amber lingering on very notably.  The smoother shows up as a cinnamon note, which contains whiffs of almonds at times.  This vanilla increases in prominence over time, accentuated by a soft but bright patchouli.  

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.  

An autumn scent for warmer days that is maybe not very creative, but smooth and rich, and never too thick and cloying owing to the fresher touches that introduce some balance into the whole.  3.25/5.