The brothers Carl and Fritz Bally started the company as a shoemaker in 1851 in the Canton Solothurn in Switzerland. After a long while in the ownership of the family it was sold to various investment companies and multinational corporations, inc;. TPG, and, more recently, by the German-owned JAB Holdings, owned 90% by the Reimann family and based in Luxembourg.  In 2018 owner JAB sold its controlling stake to  huge Chinese materials conglomerate Shandong Ruyi. 


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We could not find any good Bally Goodyear-welted men's shoes for years, until I discovered the Scribe series several years ago (names after the Parisian Scribe Hotel.  They are the only Goodyear-welted high-quality men's Bally shoes we have come across for a while.  And the Bally shop offered a resoling services too, although they would only guarantee it for five years after the purchase.  These shoes are very durable and reliable after hundreds of wearings, but no bespoke service is offered.


An Austerity Brogue with toecap decoration from the Scribe Series.

A resoled Bally Scribe shoe.

Nailing the front of the sole helps preventing damaging this area.