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La Société Restaurant

The unassuming exterior hides a gem of a restaurant.

La Societé Restaurant Cologne: 

The cheerful design is uplifting and manages to steer skillfully between the Scylla of tackiness and the Charybdis of garishness; it feels comfortable and quite vivacious.  For a dîner pour deux romantique there is a cute table in an alcove in the corner, which is about as romantic as it gets.



The food in the plate was not always really hot, but the cuisine was down to earth and very creative, playing with local Kölsch recipes as well as other ideas; it is classic but always with a creative twist.  One of the highlights was the beautiful dark Knäckebrot, which is a real cracker.  


The wine list covers all the major region around the globe, albeit in quite a cursory manner.  There are, however, the bin end pages of single bottles, and they contain a few unexpected finds.


The service was excellent; is was friendly, speedy and flexible.  


Zum Goldenen Pflug

Zum Goldenen Pflug: A perfect lunch, in a surrounding of stylish elegance with impeccable service. 1986 5/5