Eau de Toilette by GUERLAIN

The opening blast is a fresh-sweet balance game, with the aniseed sweetness being brightened up by bergamot and a bright neroli - the result balances both very well.

The drydown adds floral notes, with a geranium touches up with whiffs of oleander. Both are not really green notes, but soon an iris is added in that has a greenness attached to it.

Turning to the base, the floral theme continues for a while, expressing an additional violet impression that combines with a good dose of benzoin. This is quite a soft benzoin that is never sharp or rough. It goes well with the vanilla/tonka that is added in and that grows to dominate the whole towards the end, with a slight undertone of caramel present towards the end.
Whilst overall a sweet creation, this sweetness is always restrained quite is a civil way and never intrusive or cloying.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and a splendid twelve hours of longevity on my skin.

A beautiful scent for cooler spring or warmer autumn days or evenings. A bit lighter than the Eau de Parfum and the extrait, its performance is not lagging behind very much. The quality of the ingredients is superb and the blending beautifully done.  Released 1912.   3.75/5.