Must de Cartier Pour Homme VERT ANIS

A lovely green anise-based scent than  has this character right from the start.  Brighter components are sweet grapefruit, green tangerine and hints of bergamot, but the citrus is rather weak on me. 


In the drydown the anise grows stronger; it is embedded in a rich and creamy cinnamon aroma that is the hallmark of this creation. 


The base evinces glimses of brightness due a very soft vetiver shining through temporarily.  Later on it adds touches of woods, mainly a soft cedar and sandalwood on me.  This is rounded off by a very gently and smooth patchouli, which is given added depth by the addition of some white musks in the background.


 Whilst according to the ingredient pyramid this autumnal creation could be described as a light gourmand scent, it is more of a warm green fougère with anise added.  Its sweetness is always very subtle, as the whole scent is restrained and very close to my skin from the very start. Longevity approaches three hours on my skin.  The quality of the ingredients is excellent.  3/5/5