Independent Airlines Rater




NH 203 HND FRA Boeing 777-300ER

From the domestic intra-Japan feeder flight to the First Class Lounge and later from  the First Class Lounge to the plane one was escorted by very helpful staff. 


The seat was beyond reproach, with ample of space and very good storage facilities.  A great flat-bed overnight, very comfortable.


The food and the wine selection were excellent, and was the selection of sake and spirits.


A special treat was the selection of beautiful fruit juices made from wine grapes.

The Entertainment System was very good, with a broad selection of entertainment.


Overall an excellent experience, which, a bit like with Air France, includes ground airline escorts in Haneda.   February 2019.   4.5/5


NH 258 FUK HND First Class   April 2021 (in the COVID-19 Pandemic)

The First Class seats were a bit smaller than the best seats JAL used to offer, but comfortable nonetheless.  Reduced food and drinks, and a nice refreshment was served.  The service was superb, and despite being in the throng of the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff were of indefatigable kindness and efficiency.  April 2021.    3.5/5