Lindt & Sprüngli

Originating from the Sprüngli family in Zurich in 1836, Sprüngli was divided between the founder's sons, and one of these parts bought the Lindt company in Bern.  The merged firms became Lindt & Sprüngli.

LINDOR (the classic milk chocolate version in red):  The two contrasting layers, with the lighter, softer and creamy melting core of a different taste, harmonise perfectly with each other.   For a mass-manufactured product, this chocolate is a benchmark of superior taste and quality.   4/5

LINDOR WHITE:  Creamy, rich with good depth and of an intensity not often found in white chocolate.  It has a nice typical taste of excellent white chocolate.  Very good, and maybe the best mass-manufactured white chocolate.  4/5

LINDOR DULCE DE LECHE:  Of a similar structure with two layers, this version is a delicious and enhanced  Lindor with a nice and fairly characteristic taste of the dulce de leche.  Another chocolate of impressive quality.  4/5



Lindt & Sprüngli  USA

The chocolates made in the USA did not taste as intense and rich as the Swiss version, but they still were very good and tasty.  3.75/5