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Erolfa by Creed

The name is composed of the first two letters of the perfumer Olivier Creed's son Erwin (OL), Olivier’s daughter Olivia(OL); and Fabienne, Erwin and Olivia’s mother (FA). (1)


There seem to be two versions of this fragrance:  the reformulated newer one opens with a wonderful sea impression, full of sea salt, sea weed, ozone, a bit of brine and hints of citrus.  It is like being transposed to the sea shore. The citrus that supplies the bright freshness is mainly an orangey lemon and some tarter bergamot, and the saltiness feels like an early touch of ambergris - a Creed special and favourite note.


Later a bit of mandarin and a whiff of Ginger come in, touched up by a green jasmine, and the aquatic-marine side gives eventually way to a base characterised by more ambergris and a touch of wood - mainly cedar and just a smidgen of sandalwood. A wonderful marine scent without any sweetness on me.  Like a sunny beach day. 


The older version that I tried at other times - it had a ship on the front of the box - is a bit less fresh with more salt and brine in the top notes, and generally a much 'dirtier' scent; a darker violet is to blame for that.  There is some cumin in the top notes, and more of a slightly peppery herbal undertone - think rosemary, basil and whiffs of parsil too later towards the middle phase.


The drydown develops more of a cyclamen and coriander impression, again darker and less summery.


The base notes are similar, but the vintage version has more ambergris, which is enhanced by and ambery moss notes.  The older version is more like a city beach on a rainy day.   


I get moderate sillage and good projection. Both versions are less close to my skin and with 3-4 hours last longer (the older version up to 5 hours) than some other Creed Milésimes.


One of my favourite marine fragrances.  4/5


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