j.f. schwarzlose Berlin

1A-33 berlin


T he opening is a mixture of freshness and a very gentle sweet spiciness.    Iinden blossom combine with a tangerine-like  orangey citrus impression.  Soon some white peppers arise; they are mild in their spiciness as well as in their sweetness.  An ouverture of discreet freshness. 


The drydown adds another sweet element in the form of a 'dew drop' impression; again this is mainly a fresh-ishly sweet addition to the mix.   The florals take over now, led by a nice magnolia, followed by a light jasmin that is expressing a light green side without much of a wood note  on me. 


The base is continuing the floral theme with the arrival of a darker green iris, that blends in well; it lacks any powderiness on me.   A subdued cedar note accompanies the floral orchestra in the smoothly caressing finale of this olfactory music.


I get moderate sillage, good projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.


A floral-centric spring composition with a restrained sweetness that is balanced beautifully with some other notes.  It has some original touches. The quality of the ingredients is high, the performance, however, is somewhat limited. 

The name is apparently related to an old Berlin car number plate. 


Overall  3.5/5