The spacious design of the lounge and the ample use of natural light are impressive.  The carpet feels a bit like a somewhat daggy echo of the famous nausa-inducing overly heavily green-patterned carpet at Auckland Airport in the 1990s.

Main plugs to charge devices are available in sufficient numbers.

The 'dining area' is more in a canteen-style than a real restaurant.

The cutlery is adequate but it was placed on the surface with direct contact; the table and placemats were not always properly cleaned, the cloth napkins were nice and the service, somewhat sluggish and suboptimal in the past, was a bit better this time.

The food was very good, but the wine list inadequate for a First Class Lounge, including only non-vintage champagnes.

The Schott Zwiesel stemware was very good.

The drinks selection at the bar was quite good.

A good business and computer area is available.

The bathroom and the shower facilities are excellent, although the quality of the amenities is not as good as in the past.


Many visits since 2015.  Last visit March 2019.