Moschino Cheap and Chic I Love Love

Grapefruit, lemon and an orangey note are at the centre of this opening phase. Fresh, but not really strongly refreshing but a touch attenuated; a pleasant start nonetheless. 

The drydown emphasises fruity and floral components: redcurrant with muguet, and a touch of rose.  In the base woodsy notes appear, with white musks evident towards the end.    A touch of sweetness is provided by a slightly spicy cinnamon.

I get soft sillage, good projection and a limited longevity of four hours on my skin.  

Quite a nice summer scent, that is, however, not performing very well.  The ingredients can be a bit on the generic side at times, but it has its nice moments.  It is very balanced, and the sweet side is incorporated judiciously.  Whilst not a very exciting creation, it it is very versatile. Overall just making it to a positive score - by the skin of its teeth.  3/5.