QANTAS Business Class

International Business Class

QF 46 Denpasar - Melbourne  DPS MEL    Boeing 737-800

The seats were on the small side and of the older type; they were not flatbeds - and upgrading was not available as the plane did not have a First Class cabin.

As we had eaten in the lounge prior to this overnight flight, we only had a part of the meal, which was satisfactory.  The wine list was non-existing, the wine selection suboptimal and the selection of spirits was satisfactory.


The service was excellent, and this was the highlight of the flight. 


December 2018.


Overall   3.25/5

Boeing 787-9 QF 11 Los Angeles - New York LAX-JFK

QF41 SYD CGK Sydney Jakarta A-330:  This place was equipped with rather mediocre - for a long-haul flight - Business Class seats with narrow and cramped leg area.  The food was adequate, the wine selection substandard and the stemware completely substandard.   The service, however, was friendly and helpful. 



Boeing 787-9 QF 11 LAX-JFK (a kind of international flight)

Good seats overall during the daytime, as the flatbed has very narrow legroom, with average food, very poor stemware (water glasses only) but good crew.  Good entertainment. November 2018.  3.5/5

Domestic Business Class

QF 422 MEL SYD  Airbus A-330


On domestic routes Qantas sometimes uses planes designed for long-haul flights; this was one of those flights.

The Business Class Cabin was spacious.

What an superb Business Class seat for a one-hour domestic flight!  As Paul Hogan might have said: "Now this is a Business Class Seat!"

No cooked breakfast was served, but for this short haul flight a frugal Continental breakfast was provided only.

The food surface was not really clean and the stemware was poor.

December 2018