Maison Francis Kurkdijan


Yes - another rose & oud product. After all, no-one ever thought of this before?!..... The age of oud....

Still, the oud here is of a nice quality, and whilst strong, on my skin it is never to intrusive or cloying. Not that this a discrete oud; it is clearly present m and out in the open - this is no Royal Oud. And whilst having the distinct edge and aroma characteristic of oud, is is a comparatively rounded version of this wood impression.

The rose is pleasant and, unlike in many other rose-oud clones, is not overwhelmed by its counterpart and an equal partner most of the time; at times the rose is even a bit up in front. This rose is medium dark, smooth with touches of depth and texture.

Throughout the development I get a herbal undertone at times, with hints of weak tea towards the end.

The sillage is moderate, the projection very good, and the longevity adds up to nine hours.

A pleasantly balanced rose-oud creation made of high-quality ingredients but limited in its originality. 3/5