Demeter Zombie for Him

The aroma of wet soil in the forest after the rain - that is what hits my most from the start. It is very well executed and convincing. 

In the drydown the impression of mushroom, mildew and wet hay is added, playing with the wet soil motif and complementing it very nicely. 

The base gradually develops a themes of soft and gentle mossy notes, a moss that is quite different form the usual oak moss one might expect here. Towards the end a pleasant woodsy undertone grows in strength and eventually becomes the dominant force in the olfactory symphony. 

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin. 

This is an autumnal beauty: the olfactory image of the forest grounds after the rain. Maybe a bit synthetic, but original and very well conceptualised and crafted. It performs very well too. Great for gardening or nature trips, even without a dead body lying around.  3.75/5.