Schengen Area

Non-Schengen  A Area First Class Lounge

March 2019

The Lounge has a separate exclusive entrance.

A separate security control provided more privacy, distancing and discretion. 

The lounge was spacious and equipped with comfortable seating.

The dining area was located near the windows.

 The dining area gave enough distance between the tables to offer some privacy.  No full tablecloths were provided, but there was at least some table covering.  Overall it was clean and of a good standard.

The linen was crisp and of good quality.  The flower was fresh.

The daily specials on the board were enticing.

Not the usual tedious-globalised-pseudocosmopolitan international fare.  The emphasis was on local produce

The cheese selection was very good.

The well-stocked bar offered a good selection of aperitifs.

Yes, the photo is correct: the was no vintage on the wine list, as if the yearly variation of weather and seasons does not matter in wine.  A definite faux pas on a First Class wine list, but at least we could see the bottles prior to the wine being poured.

On the other hand, the selection of wines was good.

The stemware was beyond reproach.

The toilet rooms were somewhat secluded from the rest of the lounge.

The toilets were immaculately clean and the washrooms very well-appointed.

The shower rooms were excellent.

The Cigar Lounge was Davidoff-branded, spacious, well-ventilated and a delight to be in.

Adequate libation was provided in the Cigar Lounge.

The humidor was of outstanding quality.

The cigar menu was  too skewed towards the Davidoff brand, which precluded, for instance, Havana cigars, but it was still respectable for a cigar lounge in an airline lounge.

The meeting room facilities left nothing to be desired.

The transfer to the E-Terminal and the intercontinental flights was by car.




The A Area Swiss First Class Lounge is not perfect, but it has only a few problems; the lack of vintages on the wine list being one of the main drawbacks - and in the greater scheme of things this did not prevent this lounge for attaining a level of excellence seen in few other airline lounges.   March 2019.


E-Terminal First Class Lounge

March 2019

Arriving at the E-Terminal Lounge.

The view of the planes on a nice day.

Ample of good seating in the spacious and sun-drenched lounge was provided.

The dining area had the same set-up as the A Area counterpart, with no full tablecloths but some table cover at least.

The Menu is excellent, offering variety and considerable creativity.

The dessert buffet offered a good choice, but the a la carte option is more hygienic and preferable.

A lovely dessert, fresh and with beautiful flavours.

The Champagne list did not offer any vintage Champagne, which is not the standard expected in a First Class Lounge.  The Wine list had no vintages noted on it - that is unacceptable.  The different years can be of vastly different quality in a wine.

The wine storage area - a feast for one's eyes.

The Bar had a good selection of digestifs on offer, and the bar service was friendly and of an excellent standard.

A couple of Kirschs, excellent digestifs, with splendid stemware.

Chocolates in Switzerland...unexpected?

Then there is the shower room - individual, of course.

The amenities in the shower room were excellent.

The shower and the toilet were spick and span.

For the Breitling aficionado.

The lounge also had dedicated nap rooms, which were a welcome place of rest before a long intercontinental flight.



Whilst the offerings were slightly different here when compared with the other SWISS non-Schengen First Class Lounge in this airport, this E-Terminal  lounge offered a superb choice and quality of services with only a few things missing, but overall it is a top-class lounge.  March 2019.   4.75/5