The tea and violet get from the beginning, with a touch of bergamot and very mild pimento added  later in a mst delicious manner.


 The drydown brings in some wood and myrrh; I get little tobacco and virtually no musk.  The tea is present in the foreground throughout; it is more a light refreshing Darjeeling than an aromatic tannin-laden tea and has nothing in common with the harshness of that other great tea fragrance, Bulgari Black. 


Gucci pour Homme II is fresh, substantial but light, refreshing spring day scent.  It is very close to my skin and has very poor projection and silage, making it, as frequently said, a great office scent, but with a few extra sprays it is great for a warm spring date. Nevertheless, it lasts over four hours on me, albeit very discretely.  A unique scent.