Fernando de Castilla


Antique Series



NV Fernando de Castilla Antique Palo Cortado Sherry made from the Palomino Grape: a mid-brown tea colour with a mahogany cue; a nose of caramel, with herbs.  


On the palate orange marmalade, a bit of caramel, walnuts, with a touch of herbs, and notes of a slightly smoky Ruhuna tea.   With time it develops dark forest honey.  It is not particularly rich and it lacks a bit in depth, but it certainly is concentrated enough to entice.  I get 40 seconds of a nuanced and elegant finish. Drink - 2027.  May 2021.  3.75/5


Pedro Ximénez



NV Fernando de Castilla Antique from the Pedro Ximénes:  This sweet grape Sherry had an opaque dark brown-black colour, and a bouquet of prunes, sweet raisin cakes, as well as forest honey, with ripe dates in the background.  


On the palate we got oak and cedar was evidenced, with dark chocolate and cocoa flavors adding the sweetness. 


Then there was an undertone of sweet dates and nougat, enhanced by dark chocolate and hints of caramel.  It is not very rich, thick or syrupy, and was more of an more an Eiswein-like consistency. The finish lasted an impressive 80 seconds.  Drink - 2032.  May 2021.   3.75/5