Jolie Madame by Pierre Balmain

A vintage sample:

The opening notes form a rather unique combination, combining a lovely coriander with neroli and a boozy artemisia; a gentle spice in the backgound is provided by hints of cloves.

In the drydown this scent turns floral, with a waxy tuberose mingling with a lovely narcissus-jasmin duo that later on sees a violet impression added: a delightful, well-structured potpourri of garden fragrances.

The base notes again take another turn into a different direction: a gentle, beautiful bright leather impression, reminding me of Kölnisch Juchten, combined with cedarwood, a sweet pipe tobacco note and gently overarching mossy components. The base, which lasts several hours, at times emanates a velvety honeyed impression that is as classic as it is delicious.

Overall this a supremely developing and always interesting creation, extremely well blended and made of top-quality ingredients. I get soft sillage, decent projection and an overall longevity of seven hours. Good for spring or autumn throughout the day or in the evening. A classic.   4/5.