D.S. & DURGA  Silent Grove

The opening blast is fresh and summery, fairly bright but is not one of these ultra-fresh citrus scents like Eau d' Orange Verte from Hermès, Monsieur Balmain or Creed's Bois de Cédrat. The citrus is mainly lemon, but there is some petitgrain in the background. A woodsy component with a slightly minty undertone accompanies the citrus in top notes.

The drydown loses this freshness gradually, and a light note odd white tea, linden and a with floral undertone dominate the later stages. The base is the most nondescript part, but even then the white musky impression in the base is quite acceptable.

I get moderate silage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A discrete summery composition, this fragrance Is very pleasant and the quality of the mainly natural ingredients is convincing. It is a bit discrete and not very loud, so a great office scent that has a few creative touches too.   3/5.