Creed Royal Delight

The fresh opening with a citric bergamot is creating a nice opening blast. 

Soon this gives way to a floral drydown, with more violet and jasmine on my skin. Sweet, rich and with a creamy character, but never cloying. 

The other major player is a rich and luscious vanilla, which at times has indolic undertones. Added to that is the leather, a rich, luxurious sweetish leather, less intense than Royal English Leather of the same house and more integrated into the rest of the mix than a freestanding leather. 

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent, and the longevity an impressive - especially for a Creed - ten hours on my skin. 

This rich autumnal creation is based in quite an original triad of leather, floral and vanilla that is blended beautifully with the other components. The ingredients are of excellent quality. At times it lacks structural refinement, but apart from that it is a fine Creed.