The opening is a refreshing and bright citrus mix: I get a strong orange, tangerines, lemon, lime and a lashing of neroli; what more of a sunny goodness could one expect? Maybe a touch of mint...ah, here it is; it arises a bit tardy.

The drydown stars with a herbal touch, but then the floral invasion takes over: a pleasant jasmine initially, but later on a rose impression develops too. The rose never really takes off on me; but more accompaniment than main player. Of all the top notes the mint lasts longest, but when in the heart notes an ylang-ylang comes to the fore, it pushes aside most of the other players on this olfactory spectacle. As an ylang-ylang this one is on the lighter side, and I get little of the creamy character that I usually associate with it - this is a definite ylang-ylang, but more of a ylang-ylang lite.

The base changes direction and is founded upon white musks, with a soft and smooth patchouli the second main player now. A gentle spiciness turns up towards the end, which is clove-derived mostly.

I get moderate silage, good projection and three hours of longevity on my skin.

This summery scent starts of in a very nice and invigorating fashion, but the later phases are a bit less intense; the longevity of the non-citrus components - one does not expect much from citrus notes - is poor. Still, most of it is convincing. Overall   3.25/5