The opening quartet is a surprise: Noticing the fairly smooth labdanum, the birch tar and the black peppers, I expected I spicy harsh tarry start, but the practically contemporaneous injection of a pleasant and slightly sweet incense changed this olfactory picture into a rather unique and intense harsh-sweetish opening blast.   


After the first couple of hours the sweeter side is enhanced by an influx of florals,  mainly carnation, a somewhat pallid rose, as well as a jasmine with w slightly woodsy touch.  Whilst a hesitant cinnamon bolsters the sweet frontline a bit, a minimally earthy vetiver is instilling a few rays of brightness here and there.


An ambery note develops towards the  base, which, a bit further down the track, an ambergris arises that never reaches beyond a rather blood less version.   White musks and a somewhat nondescript vanilla do their best to ensure that one goes into the final stages with the sweetness triumphing eventually when fading out towards the end. 


I get moderate sillage, excellent projection initially, and an total longevity of five hours on my skin.


An autumn scent with an original amd vibrant  set of top notes, which later drastically reduced in intensity on me; towards the end it becomes rather anaemic on me.  Still, whilst some of the notes are a bit too bland, overall this is a good creation, based on the first half of its development. Overall 3.25/5