For the last decade regular stays, and the consistency in the service is remarkable.  A phantastic location near the Staatsoper, in the middle of a shopping arcade complex and an amazing shopping area.  The quality standards of the hotel restaurants vary from very good to sublime (Le Ciel).  The historic building is kept beautifully, being elegant but neither grandiose or pompous,  the rooms are small at times but overall excellent, and the service has always been superb.   The main issue was the lack of a pool on site, and problem often encountered in historic hotels, but the spa is good.  The "Kleine Grand Hotel" exudes elegant understatement, but it is one of the great establishments in Austria and in Europe.   4.75/5


Our stays at the Sacher were mainly in the 1980s and 90s.  The hotel is famous, especially for the eponymous cake.

It is a beautiful building of great historical value, and across the road from the Staatsoper - the location is unique.  The rooms are beautiful, and the service was always excellent.  It lacks a pool - something nigh impossible to install in a historic building like that,  but the ambience makes up for that.  The restaurant is very good, as is the famous cafe.  One of the great hotels in Europe and the world.  4.75/5