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by MASQUE MILANO Fragrances

The opening is made up of an accord of lipstick, combined with overripe fruit pineapples hazelnuts with a strong slightly smoky chemical character.

The drydown adds a chemical and rather - again - chemical tuberose, which smells as fake as it can get.  Touches of osmanthus come and go.

The base morphs into a nonspecific woodsy impression; Unfortunately I could discern only very little of the characteristics from the sandal and guaiac promised in the scent pyramid.  Touches of styrax are added in now, but, again, this styrax in nonspecific and quite weak on me.  Touches of the initial fruitiness remain present until the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and four hours of longevity on my skin.

The spring scent, which is quite bright in character, is essentially an attempt to combine lipstick, nutty, floral and woody phases into an interesting whole.  While the concept is not without some originality, its execution cannot be regards as being utterly successful.  Not only are its components egregiously petrochemically synthetic in a predictable way, but these synthetic components are not really creative in themselves or in their application,  and they lack any other redeeming features.  Maybe it is not surprising that the lipstick note is the only only that is really convincing, as it is inherently a synthetic ingredient.  The Poor performance for a synthetic product is unusual.  As superficial as Times Square's vacuous glitter and neon lights?
Overall 1.75/5