Manchego Cheese

Made in the La Mancha region in Spain from milk of the Manchega breed of sheep.

The stages are: Manchego fresco is fresh, white and aged for up to one week.  Manchego curado is aged for up to 12 weeks. Manchego viejo, aged for up to one year, is yellow and solid.  A manchego aged in olive oil for one year is called manchego aceite.

Quesería Cuouerella Manchego

M. Miguel Manchego: Mass-imported but pleasantly nutty and of good aroma.  December 2018  3.25/5

Manchego anejo 12 y

A pleasant Menchego with 12 months ageing; nutty with a hint of caramel.  From Trader Joe's Manhattan.  2008.  3/5

MANCHEGO QUEJO OVEIA 12 month matured


A hearty Manchego, with tastes of herbs and brine, with an earthy undertone.  Simple, straightforward,  nice when fully ripened. 3.5/5