Ichonokura Corp. Miyagi Prefecture

Sasanishiki junmaidaiginjo Ichinokura

This sakes is made using Sasanishiki rice, which is a cross between  Hatsunishiki and Sasashigure rice, created in Miyagi prefecture in Japan in 1963.

Jû mai dai jin jô from Miyagi Prefecture in Tōhoku (Honshû)  : This sake is dominated by a delicate fruity  note, with hints of white pears, expressing a  a nigh hesperidic hint of freshness and sweetness.  It has an elegant intensity and is mild and gentle at the same time.   Elegance in a bottle.  4.25


Tokubetsu junmaishu karakuchi  Ichinokura

Tokubetsu junmaishu karakuchi Ichinokura: Light,fresh with a good Junmai rice aroma and a nigh-yeasty touch of umami with a good acid/sweetness balance.   3.75