Penhaligon’s English Fern

The initial fern impression, based on a lot of geranium and lavender, is one of the most delightful fougeres I know.  A green delight.

Later clover and a bit of oakmoss with a touch of wood are added. This, together with a bright patchouli, adds to the astringent character that one can expect from a string fougère, but it is not as strong as, for instance, in Gucci Nobile. 

After about an hour a wonderfully clean, light soapy base comes to the fore, a very traditional clean and fresh barbershop-style but with a touch of elegance.  

English Fern has  projection and silage but is still quite discrete in the drydown, with a longevity of about three hours on me; longer in warmer weather. 

A great classic English daytime fougere for spring. 3.75/5.