The opening blast is simple sheer beauty: lavender, bergamot and, without further ado, a delicious clary sage form a triumvirate made in olfactory heaven: clear and refined.  The lavender is quite soft and rich. 
In the drydown I find a soft and characterful patchouli with a floral undertone, which gradually and seamlessly merges with the opening notes. 
The base takes a different turn, with an ambery soft leather note arising that is of particular beauty.  Discreetly sweet and honeyed, it combines the slightly mossy amber with an impression of gently tanned Italian nappa calf leather as it is used in small leather accessories. At times it reminds me of Cabaret de Grès, which I use quite a bit, but this one is more complex.  
 I get moderate sillage, very good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.  
This is a gorgeous spring scent that is beautifully blended of top-quality traditional-style natural ingredients.  A bit less deeply textured and fresher than dunhill 30, and a bit brighter than Cartier’s Santos Eau de Sport (maybe the greatest Cartier ever made), this Grès is sublime and sophisticated it its classic sportiness.  4.25/5