by XERJOFF Fragrances

The opening blast is fruity/floral, with freesia and redcurrant notes dominating, which, interestingly, are not really sweet, in spite of the notes it is constituted with.  Brighter touches contributed by lemon and bergamot make this a positive and uplifting set to top notes.

The rose arises a short while after the start; it is mainly a rose bloom with a few green leafy touches. A nice Sambac jasmine - green mainly - and an elegant ylang-ylang support the rose well; the latter is less fat and less creamy that often found with this floral note otherwise.

The base is a woodsy patchouli impression, which is a lightweight and fairly bright patchouli on me. The woods are expressing a bit of mahogany at times, but overall in is not a very specific wood note. Towards then end I am getting an ambery touch of white musks also; these are, however, a bit pallid on me.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

The name of this spring scent it quite apt, as the rose is in the foreground indeed for quite some time, and the authority of the ingredients and of a very good quality. The base is weaker and less convincing, and less impressive as far as its constituents' vividness and intensity is concerned.  Overall 3.5/5.