Blossoming Honeysuckle & White Tea

This is a good honeysuckle impression that strikes me from the start: sweet, all right, but not too synthetic in expression and with a sweetness that is not traversing into an intrusive sweetness. The honeysuckle lacks the brilliance of Creeds Chevrefeuille, but it is respectable indeed. A touch of bergamot with ripened mandarin succeed in keeping it all in balance. 

The drydown displays the white tea; somewhat faint and delicate as white tea often is, but a suitable follow-on to the top notes. A jasmine that is pleasant but not overwhelmingly excellent leads into a base that is characterised by a somewhat nonspecific woodsiness and a touch of tonka - again not very sweet. 


The sillage is moderate, the projection adequate and the longevity five hours.


Gently and sweetly floral with vibes of clean delicate purity. 3.25/5.