Indepenedent Fragrance Rater and Review

Orange Spice by Creed

A beautiful dirty-spicy set of top notes starts it off; it lasts for about an hour. There is a ripe orange impression, which is combined with an unusually muted bergamot, and a darker neroli - the citrus is quite bright initially, but soon becomes as if a shadow is cast over it.  


A very soon in the drydown the spicy side kicks in.  The is a lot of strong clove, which is then followed by an equally strong spicy civet note.  these component are dirty - it is civet after all, and while on some skins civet might have a urinal-cake like character, but on me that is not the case.  Equally, it is not really faecaloid on me. 


The base spins on the orange-spice theme, but it is increasingly dominated by an ambergris - as in some other members of the Creed family. Salty orangey civet spiciness remains the package that remains until the end.


The sillage is very strong, good as is projection.  The longevity is over four hours when applied very lightly, but after a good dose it is tremendous - up to fourteen hours on my skin.


A - by concept - conservative but concurrently daring fragrance with a nice twist, traditional but interesting, and good in cold spring or on warmer autumn days.  It is a bit linear at times.  Friendly brightness combined with the dark and dirty.  Good quality ingredients.  3.5/5