Independent Fragrance Rater/Reviews

Altruist - Paul DeFlorian

by J.F. Schwarzlose


The opening sounds simple: lemon and bergamot, immersed in lashings of aldehydes brighten it further that the citrus does already: the result is a delightfully sunny opening stage.




After abut fifteen minutes the hitherto quite strong performance collapses, and the rest is quite close to my skin.  The drydown is still bright, but adds s bowl of spices, with ginger, touches of nutmeg and pepper - more pink than the scent pyramid's black pepper on me.  After a while a few florals attempt to enter the spicy fray, a restrained orange blossom, and rather bland rose, aided by whiffs of geranium, but the floral push struggles to make a dent in the realm of spicy dominance.




 The base is characterised but an ambery note - Ambramone is the brand name of this synthetic molecule - in the foreground, with a very nonspecific woodsy undertone.




I get sift to moderate sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity on my skin.




This creation for cooler summer days starts well as a bright aldehydic creation, but with the collapse of performance cone a collapse of quality.  From the drydown on the rest is rather generic and synthetic without any redeeming features; the ingredients are somewhat bland in all their brightness.  From the duration point of view, there is more disappointment than excitement here.  Released 2016.  2.75/5