ROSE by Caron

A bunch of roses greets me right from the beginning: bright and fresh. This is not a brooding and dark rose, but a rose in the sunshine, which is facilitated by a good initial lashing with neroli and a slightly minty undertone.

The actual rose impression on not just that if a flowering rose - the leaves and stems add to the olfactory symphony, and the overall rose composition has a strong green-woodsy undertone, but more green than woodsy on me.

In the base a sweeter development occurs, with vanilla and iris being the main reason.

I get moderate sillage,excellent projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A lovely and bright rose for sunny and warmer spring days and evenings, it has enough variability in the rose and nuances to convince. Not a very complex creation, but not a complete soliflore either, is is crafted very well. 3.25/5.