Tauerville Incense Flash

The opening is quite unusual, with a dry papery and gently leathery undertone, with a slight and not unpleasant metallic hint. 

After a somewhat nonspecific woodsy phase the best part is disclosed: a deep balsamic Oriental incense.  It is well made, not really heavy and well balanced; intensive without being overly intrusive.  It is a bit like the incense in certain Indian temples, and lacks high-church feeling of Messe a Minuit, and it is much less loud and harsh than Beaufort's East India, for instance; there is no birch tar here. 

On the other hand there is only a bit of sweetness in this Tauer incense creation, and it lacks any significant creaminess or elegance; this is no Angelique Encens. 

The performance is very respectable with moderate silage, good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin. 

Overall an agreeable winter fragrance, discrete enough to wear to the office.  The top notes are interesting and the incense well made, and whilst it is indubitably a rather linear scent it is not without its merits, albeit nothing earth shattering.     3/5