A very nice leather/suede note starts off, a very nice note indeed.   there are some floral elements, mainly a rose-tinted muguet, which, with saffron and tea, combines with the leathery side, but the florals are weak background elements only and rather generic. 


The suede note is accompanied by a gentle amber, with Olibanum touches also being noticeable.   herbal touches - thyme with woodsy undertones and a whiff of hay - are in the background at times.  The woods are nonspecific, with only an occasional touch of sandal identifiable.


After an hour, though, it collapses and remains so close to my skin that I have to use an olfactory microscope to smell it. After two to three hours it is gone. Nice while it lasts.

A good day scent for warm autumn days. 2.75/5