Rubber Soles

Rubber soles do not allow the feet to breath, and this can produce malodour and moisture - ideal for growing Tinea Pedis.  Have been sitting net to people with foot malodour many times, I have experience how this can affect the people around us.  The ugly marks Rubber Soles can leave and certain floor surfaces - they are often hard to remove - may make their wearing quite inconsiderate.


There are, however, some good reasons for wearing Rubber Soles at times:  In heavy rain when the ground is very slippery, they might reduce the risk of falls.   Wearing heavy loads in the country in rain, beach shoes on slippery sands, and White Bucks in general require Rubber Soles.


Most Rubber soles are sturdier and last longer than leather soles - one undeniable advantage in the country when off the beaten track.

Dainite Rubber Soles

The Dainite Rubber Sole on a Goodyear-welted shoe by Crockett & Jones.  several hundred wears and no resoling needed.