Qantas Business Class Lounge Melbourne (Australia)

After the renovation 2018 a good lounge with showers and space, poor wine selection but good food buffet.  Long, very long coffee queue at times are a common problem (1). 3.75/5  September 2018



Accessed 4 February 2019 

The lounge is spacious and well-designed. 

The is a computer area and there are enough power points available.

The food selection is good, especially for breakfast.

The queues for the coffee machine can still be long.   The wine selection is not up to standard, the spirit selection is adequate.  The bar service is good.

The showers are good. 


December 2018


OVERALL 3.75/5

UPDATE February 2019

The seating has been updated a bit.

The food menu has become more versatile.  Overall 3.75/5

The Qantas Club MEL

As I have not been to this Qantas Club for a while - I use the Business Class Lounge instead, but I recall is being busy, a bit noisy but otherwise run well.  The food is good, the wine selection not so much, and they had some showers too.  Overall summary average for many, many visits 2000-2015 3.5/5.