LH411 JFK MUC A340-600     February 2020

A very pleasant cabin design and colour scheme.

The seats were a bit on the small side for Business class these days, and overall the size and pitch were average at best.  Many airlines have better seats in Business Class these days.

The leg area was a bit too narrow to be comfortable, but the seat was a converted to a flatbed-style seat at night.   The storage space was average.

The wine selection was good, the choice of spirits was very good, as was the stemware.

The dinner was excellent, and the breakfast only Continental - but this is a Continental carrier after all.  The coffee was adequate.

The service was very good, as was the inflight entertainment system in choice and reliability.

February 2019.   3.75/5



Airbus A319-100  February 2019

The seats are standard Economy Class Seats, but with more space and more generous legroom. 

The middle seat is kept free in Business Class.

The Continental-ish breakfast was nice and the butter was good, as was the coffee.   The stemware was adequate.

There was no actual inflight entertainment, but WiFi was available.

For this short flight the Business class was good.  3.5/5